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Glove Guard® Clip

Glove Guard® clip, part 1939BL

The Glove Guard® clip is the original glove clip that features a flexible, redundant safety breakaway. For over twenty years it has proven that its implementation can drastically reduce glove replacement costs and hand injuries because workers will have their gloves with them when needed.

It weighs just 3/4oz and measures 5.25" long and is made from an engineered grade material that holds its memory, resists flex fatigue, is non-conductive and non-corrosive.

Customize your Glove Guard® clip with a Custom Imprint or with one of our nine Standard Safety Slogans.

To use, simply clip the small end around your belt loop or directly to your clothing and clip the large end to your gloves

This product features:

Redundant 	 Safety Breakaway
Redundant Safety Breakaway
Interlocking Teeth
Interlocking Teeth

Available Colors:
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Red
  • High Vis Pink
  • Yellow
  • High Vis Yellow
  • Granite
  • Green
  • High Vis Lime Green
  • Olive Green
  • Blaze Orange
Available Colors, series 1939
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Blank Glove Guard® (GG) Clips
GG Part # Color GG Part # Color
1939BK Black 1939HVYW High Vis Yellow
1939BL Blue 1939GT Granite
1939MD Metal Detectable 1939GN Green
1939PR Purple 1939LG Lime Green
1939RD Red 1939OG Olive Green
1939PK High Vis Pink 1939OR Blaze Orange
1939YW Yellow

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This product is Made In The USA! Made In USA

"Use of the Glove Guard® clip has enabled us to far surpass our initial expectations. It has become as common as hard hats and safety glasses. Recordable hand injuries have been reduced by as much as 86%. Thanks for your continued support and assistance in making our site safer and more cost efficient."

-Polymers Group, Mont Belvieu Plant

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