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Glove Guard® glove clip

Glove Guard® Glove clip

The Glove Guard® clip is the original glove clip that features a flexible, redundant safety breakaway. Its implementation has proven to drastically reduce glove replacement costs and hand injuries because workers will have their gloves with them when needed.

Utility Guard® Glove Clip

The Utility Guard® glove clip features the same safety features and robust design as the Glove Guard® clip but uses a belt clip instead of a small clamp to attach to the user.

Utility Guard glove clip
Handi Klip™ device

Handi Klip® Glove Holder

Now designed with a 20lb safety breakaway, the Handi Klip® glove clip becomes the optimal lower cost alternative to reduce glove loss and hand injuries. With the ball and socket connection, the Handi Klip® rotates freely with the user’s movement ensuring the clip stays intact.

Metal Detectable Clips

Glove Guard is proud to introduce Metal Detectable products for use in the food industry to safely keep your gloves close at hand. The Glove Guard®, Utility Guard® & Handi Klip® products are all available in light blue metal detectable versions.

Metal Detectable requirements vary. Therefore free samples of our metal detectable products are available upon request to test for compliance with your company's specifications.

Metal Detectable Clips
Utlity Bag™ Safety Tote

Utility Bag™ Safety Tote

Not sure where to keep your tools?

The Utility Bag™ totes can help! The Open Mesh and Soft Pouch lines work great for small tools and water bottles while the Eyeglass Bag holds your safety glasses while not in use.

All Utility Bag™ lines feature the
patented safety breakaway!

All Utility Bag™ lines are available with either the small Glove Guard® end or the Utility Guard® belt clip.

Pull-A-Way™ Breakaway Lanyard

Featuring dual safety breakaway points that lie on either side of the neck, the Pull-A-Way™ lanyard doesn’t pinch or irritate the skin when worn.

Pull-A-Way™ safety breakaway lanyard

KewlLid cover

KewlLid® Cover

The KewlLid® cover is a support lid that is made to fit over the top of a 55-gallon drum or 44-gallon trash can to hold your beverage cooler in place while providing a trash receptacle and room for cups and single-serve drink mixes.

Uveto™  UV Products

The UVeto™ products provide head, face and neck protection from the suns harmful UV rays with a UPF 50+ rating and are available in a variety of styles.

UVeto Sun Protection

Utility Catcher clip

Utility Catcher™ Clip

The Utility Catcher™ clip keeps your hard hat, extension cords, ear muffs and much more close at hand!

Goggle Guard®  Clip

The Goggle Guard® clip is a fast and convenient way to keep safety goggles or glasses securely held to a hard hat!

Goggle Guard clip

Glove Rings® make a better seal!

Glove Rings® Accessory

The Glove Rings® accessory is made from a strong, flexible plastic that resists cracking and enhances the seal between the glove and sleeve as well as save time suiting up.

Power Band™ Magnetic Wrist Band

The Power Band™ magnetic wrist band is perfect to hold nuts, bolts, screws or small hand tools allowing you to safely perform the task at hand. It is lightweight and comfortable to wear and built to last.

The Power Band™ magnetic wrist band is perfect for automotive technicians, IT professionals, home improvement or any job where you need both hands for working.

Power Band™ Magnetic Wristband

Hat Grabber® head protection gear

Hat Grabber® Hard Hat Component

The Hat Grabber® hard hat component is the most comfortable way to keep your hard hat on your head!. It allows the head gear to be adjusted looser for more comfort and reduces neck strain and headaches.

BottleChock® Cylinder Restraint

The BottleChock® restraint is a unique storage solution for cylinders, drums, piping or other cylindrical objects and fully restricts both vertical and horizontal movement. Designed and manufactured in Australia, the BottleChock® restraint has proven to handle the harsh outback conditions.

BottleChock® cylinder restraint

Ask for the Glove Guard®, Utility Guard® & Utility Bag™ products by name —
they are the ONLY products with the patented break-away safety feature!

By keeping work gloves WITH THE EMPLOYEE, the Glove Guard® clip has reduced recordable hand injuries
by up to 86%. At many companies, the Glove Guard® clip is now mandatory in Safety programs,
along with hard hats and safety glasses.

Here is what we have heard:

"Use of the Glove Guard® clip has enabled us to far surpass our initial expectations. The Glove Guard® glove holder has become as common as hard hats and safety glasses. Using the glove clip as part of our PPE program has reduced recordable hand injuries by as much as 86%. Thanks for your continued support and assistance in making our site safer and more cost efficient."

"Maintenance has found the Glove Guard® glove holders to be very helpful. Now the gloves stay with the worker, versus having them back at their toolbox or out of their reach when hand protection is really needed."

"The Glove Guard® glove holder provides an effective way for the employees to keep up with the gloves issued upon hire. The Glove Guard® clip also allows us to let others know we are a safety conscientious contractor."

Perfect For:

  • Maintenance
  • Transit
  • Construction
  • Utility
  • Industrial
  • Automotive
  • Environmental
  • Electrical
  • Emergency/Medical
  • Many other uses
Standard Safety Slogans Standard Safety Slogans

Custom Imprints
  • Improves Hand Safety as much as 86%!
  • Compliments PPE and VPP Programs
  • Completely Dielectric
  • Safety Break-away
  • Secure Locking provides resilience and "creep" resistance
  • Resists fatigue, mechanical damage, and chemical attack
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